We Are MiniGolf

Our Story

Who are we?

So, what's our story?

Well, it is just the story of a group of friends, serious mini golf players, fanatics should we say.

We started playing together a few years back, and met every sunday for a game before a big brunch, it was our sunday tradition.

Quite quickly, we started thinking about recording our scores, and keeping track of it. Two of us created a google form document where we could record the scores, and a Google DATA Studio document to report them.

It is still online, you can take a look at it here, but I must warn you, it is in french.

Yeah, you got me, we are… yes, we’re French, but who’s perfect anyway?

And the name of the document doesn’t lie either, we live in a beautiful, wonderful country, home of the Temples of Angkor… Cambodia!

From there, we thought it would be nice to have a more ergonomic tool, something that would be used by the general public.

Our Online Scorecard was born! Well, in our heads at least because we did not have the knowledge to built such a tool. 

But fortunately, we had friends, and those friends had friends, whose friends knew some guy… Basically we hired some delevoppers to help us doing it. And they did an amazing job!

We had a very cool scorecard for our favourite course, which was the initial idea, but people loved it so much that we decided to make it available for more people.

It was of course much more development and countless headaches trying to find ways to go around some problems we were facing, but it was worth it, we love the result, and our clients too!