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How to putt?

The good thing with mini golf is that technically, you only have one thing to learn. Putting. So it means you need to do it right! Here are our advices to putt like a champion! Or at least get better at putting!

The Ideal Putting Position

Take a look look at a people putting mini golf course, or a putting green, or even a green on a golf course. You will see many different positions and not all of them are to follow, especially when you begin.

The ideal position is actually quite simple. Your upper body should be quite angled. If you are standing straight, you will not be able to have a smooth movement. Also, your putter will draw a curve on the green instead of a straight line. As a consequence your putt may not go as straight as expected. 

In order to bend over sufficiently, you firstly need to have a putter that is not too long. Once you have a good club, bend your arms. you found the good position when the plane formed by your forearms is parallel to the plane formed by the top of you thighs. They don’t touch, keep about 10cm distance.

You just found the good putting position!

The Good Putting Movement

Once again, don’t look too much at other people’s technique, as mistakes are widely spread.

Your back moves? Not good! Your legs move? Not good!

The only part of your body that should move is your arms.

Even your head should remain still until the end of the movement, then you can turn it to watch your ball moving and hopefully falling in the hole!

How to Putt Straight Video

I learnt a lot by looking at great players and watching videos. This is why I wanted to share this one from Adam Bazalgette. He does a lot of excellent videos about golfing and its putting advices are amazing. He has been named 2 times PGA teacher of the year, which means something! You can obviously learn lot from his videos.

This one is about putting straight. You will basically find everything I explained before, but the video will help you understand the position and the right movement to putt.