We Are MiniGolf

mini golf Rules of Play

To be followed... Or not!

Remember, Minigolf is a fun game and it’s good to keep it like this!

You will find different rules depending on the country or the course where you play. Here is a balanced mix of all rules we have found around. This is to be considered as guidelines to help you sort some things out if needed.

We, of course, encourage everyone to take into account the age, level, and state of mind of the players to show some flexibility… or not!

All strokes must be played with a club and a ball. Player may change putter and/or ball during the game or between two strokes!

Every time the club touches the ball consists in a stroke (yes even accidentally, so be careful!)

The count of strokes is based on trust and honor, don’t cheat, and give the WeAreMinigolf scorecard to someone you trust!

The maximum score for a hole is 7, if the ball is not in the hole after the 6th attempt, the score is then 7.

Well, the WeAreMinigolf scorecard will do it for you, but in the unlikely event you go to a course not equipped with WeAreMinigolf, here are our rules:

On the first hole, the group agrees to the order, If you can’t agree, don’t fight, go alphabetically with the first name. 

For the next holes, unless agreed differently, the player with the lowest score at the previous hole starts, and the order goes up to the one with the highest score. If players are even on previous hole, the one with the lowest score total starts first, and if they are even again, go alphabetically. 

And if they have the same name? Well, play Rock Paper Scissors, but at this point, as it looks quite important to you, you need to do at least 3 rounds to decide.

 Home runs are good in Baseball, not in Minigolf.

In case the ball leaves the putting area, the player stroke counts and the player can choose either to:

    – Receive a 1-stroke penalty and place the ball back where it left the course

    – Restart from the starting area with no penalty


ONE EXCEPTION: if the shot was unintentional and the ball gets back to the putting area, it counts!

Read our advices about choosing the right ball and reduce your chances of home run!

In case the ball is stuck in a tunnel or any obstacle or is difficult to access, the player can chose either to:

    – Play anyway by pushing the ball forwards with the club (counts for a stroke)

    – Put the ball back before the obstacle and play

The ball is too close to the border? You are allowed to move it perpendicularly from the border and leave a space of the size of a putter (about 8 cm)

There are two possibilities to play a hole:

    – One at the time: every player play all their strokes in a row from the tee to the hole.

    – One stroke each (for the first shot) then the farthest ball from the hole is to play. If you decide to play like that, use a small coin or any small, flat thing to mark your ball’s spots so it won’t get hit by another ball. Or not, why not?

You are getting caught up by another group? 

It is always nice to let smaller groups go first, take a small break, or jump one hole so they can catch up and come back to the hole you passed.

Although we believe those rules are a good balanced set of guidelines, you will find many others around the internet. The most officials are probably those ones, published by the US Pro Mini Golf Association.