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WeAreMiniGolf aims to offer a unique range of ressources for mini golf enthusiasts.

We are Mini Golf lovers and want to share our passion. Here, you will find advice, rules, and everything you need to enjoy your next mini golf experience!

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Good Advices!

Yes, Mini Golf is a fun activity to enjoy quality time with friends or family. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it right!

Here is a collection of advice about mini golf: 

  • How to choose your club? 
  • How to choose your ball? 
  • How should I hit the ball? 
  • Where is it going to bounce?

Here are our simple answers to improve fast and easy! 

Whether you are at home or on holidays (or in a business trip, why not?) find a great course near you and enjoy a nice, fun moment!

And if you are a mini golf owner, contact us to add your course to the list!

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Course finder!

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Keeper of the rules!

Let’s stay friends, check the rules!

Here is our Justice of the Peace for a good, friendly Mini golf game.

Of course Mini golf is above all a fun activity, so it’s up to you to follow it…. or make your own ones!